Story by Eric Hilleary, Dave Max, Caleb Skinner
Music composed and performed by Andy Garfield
Production Design Pete Evans, Bill Hay, Eric Hilleary, Dave Max
Art Direction Dave Marshall
Visual Effects Direction Pete Evans, Mike Stetson
Special Effects Supervisor Bill Hay
Sound Design Andy Garfield
Narrated by Peter Cullen
Director of Photography Nathan Pata
Edited by Nathan Pata , Steve Wellington
Asst. Editing: Mae Catt
Executive Produced by Eric Hilleary
Produced by Dave Max, Caleb Skinner
Directed by Eric Hilleary, Nathan Pata, Dave Max

Chapter Two

Camera Operator: Denise Losey
2nd Unit Camera: Nathan Pata, Heather Anderson

Production Assistants: Heather Anderson
Special practical effects/lighting: Bill Hay
Set/Location dressing Graphic Signage:
Tech Equipment Supply: Nathan Pata, Bill Hay

Photographers: Denise Losey, Nathan Pata, Bill Hay
Video Documentation: Bill Hay

Addl. Voice Recording and Storage: H. Parker III
Production art / storyboards: Eric Hilleary, Dave Max, Gloria Shih
Prop Master: Bill Hay, Bear Burge
Costume/Prop Asst.
Set Design: Dave Max, Eric Hilleary
Set Construction: Dave Max, Eric Hilleary, Caleb Skinner, Gloria Shih, Bill Hay, Lainie Hilleary
Practical Models: Len Stobar, James Stobar, Eric Hilleary, Dave Max, Caleb Skinner, Dave Marshall, Mike Crossette, Bill Hay, Mike Moore, Max Cervantes, Kenar Yegyayan, Kohar Yegyayan, Lainie Hilleary
Script Transcribed by Mae “Shadow” Catt

Filmed on location:

Mt Shasta, CA.
Mammoth, CA.
Studio 432, CA.


Space Boss Flight Control: Todd Crook
Shuttle Capt. Lainie Hilleary
Voice: Dan Lauria
Shuttle Pilot: Dave Max
Voice: Graham Sibley
Shuttle Chief: Jaime Coyle
Voice: Bill Lowery
Shuttle Navigator: Adam Cardon
Voice: Adam Cardon
Shuttle Comms. Tricia Allen
Voice: Fawnda Fawnda McMahan
Tech. Sgt. Dave Max
Voice: James ‘Rocky’ Coyle
Medical Officer Goodnews: Adam Cardon
Voice: Nate Orr

Scout 3: Melissa Keesor
Voice: Lainie Hilleary

Armor18 (“Fire-N-Ice”) Crew
AT-AT Commander: Nathan Pata
AT-AT Driver: Eric Hilleary
AT-AT Driver #2: Dave Max
Voice: Jason Cox
MK-472: Dave Max
Voice: Calvin Roy Loeser
MK-294: Eric Hilleary
Voice: Terry Naas
SK-1715: Bill Hay
Voice: Chris Hannel
SK-888: Caleb Skinner
Voice: Marsha Source

Silvertail Squad
SK-63: Eric Hilleary
Voice: Jason Hildebrandt
SK-877: Dave Max
Voice: Ed Sion
SK-886: Dave Marshall
SK-888: Caleb Skinner
SK-6354: Randy Keesor
AT-ST Commander: Ken Silver
Cold Steel Fire Control: Pete Evans

Addl. Voice Talent:

Relentless Hanger Announcer: Tiffany Van Leuwen
AT-AT Armor24: Jim Speed
AT-AT Armor11: Bud Stalker
AT-AT Armor32: Lyle
AT-ST (Raptors): Jason Saulog


Andy Garfield (Droid and creature voices)

Post Production:

DV Transfer: Pam Kirkland, Mike Donahue, Steve Pewt
Software Support: Jason Hurdlow (Shekinah Studios –


Tim ‘The Wombat’ Petry
Ryan Carter
Pete Evans
Patrick Perez
Mike Stetson
Doug Beswick: Walker animation consultant


Pete Evans
Patrick Perez
Steve Graves
Connor ‘The Mighty Bean’ Evans
Justin Knowles
Tim ‘The Wombat’ Petry
Adrian Vanderpark
Robert Ward
Andy Romine
Tom Helmers
Ted Helmers
Josh McGuire
Craig Nisbet
Jack Cheng
Billy Jebens
Paul Runyan


Patrick Perez
Dave Carlson
Krista Benson
Jesse Toves
Steve Graves
Dave Adams
Aram Granger
Josh Prikryl
Larry Schultz

Additional CG Modeling:

Jeremy Kincaid
Paul Gandy
Oliver Couston
Sean Kennedy
Tom Sehenuk
Joe Monroe
Fabio Passaro
Benoit Jean
Iven Connary
Matt Hunt
Loe Ceballos
Nadav Smulian
Little Bill

Special Thanks To:

Justin Van Leeuwen, Bud Stalker, John Burris (Audio Engineers)
Jim Shima – Hyperdine
Mike Cavanagh – 3 Point Digital
Ogden Bass – Eye Candy Post Prodution
Russo Anastasio & Dean Chu – Shapeshifter, Inc. Post Production
Laurene & Robert Miller – Armies of the World Surplus
Alan Young & Richard Horlings – Christy’s Editorial Film & Video Supply
William Chan – Media City Sound (audio engineer)
Richard Peterson
Jeremy Brown
Matt “7-Mike” Rockhold

Christopher W. Kuehner, SGT
HHC, 22nd Chem Bn (TE)
Edgewood Arsenal, MD