Chapter 3 is now showing!! BOOYAKA!

Well everyone, Chapter 3 is now released to the public. We’ve opened it up for view on the website, Vimeo and on our Youtube channel. We want to give out a big THANK-YOU shout to all our current and new members on the website.

In Chapter 3, we continue with the Heavy Transport Assault Shuttle, Niner-818-Zulu, on emergency recall from the surface of Norca II. In this third part of the series, we return to the Relentless with the Cold Climate Trooper Division, and meet the crew of the Imperial drop-ship along with the pilots of the mechanized armored assault vehicles as well as the recon teams who scout their patrols.

Blacksheep is pushing forward on the next chapters and we’ll also be bringing more photos to the Chapter 3 page in the coming days along with some collectibles at the PX. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the Chapter 3 “Rhymes with Maintenance” release while we continue working on Chapter 4. Also, please share the site, Facebook, Youtube with all your friends, family, and enemies — let’s get IMPS out there!

Head on over to the main page or Chapter 3 “Rhymes with Maintenance” page to view it now!

Thanks again for your patience and support!