FAQ for any IMPS products

In the event that your USB flash drive is defunct upon arrival and first use, contact us and let us know! In the event that it is truly not working, we’ll have you send it back and we’ll replace it. Please note, that since the serial numbering is unique, we are unable to send you the same number. If you don’t want a replacement, and upon return of the item, we’ll refund your purchase.

Note, some OS’s require formatting of the drive before use. Please check to see if your OS requires this. Also, you may want to try the flash drive on a different computer to confirm it’s not working.

The usage warranty of the flash drive is limited to two(2) months after purchase. We cannot be held responsible for improper use or the life-time of the USB flash drive itself.

Unfortunately, these are sent out on a first come first serve basis and we don’t specifically assign the numbers. We do, however, write down the RHC number on the order notes once it has been shipped.