FAQs for IMPS The Relentless listed below. These are the most asked questions we receive and will add more when they arise.


With very few exceptions, all of the costumes, props and sets were constructed by the people you see using them.

You are free to download and put this on any medium you desire. This is FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL USE, or to hand out to a friend. It is illegal to buy or sell copies of “IMPS” or its teaser. Like the disclaimer says, Please don’t disrespect our work, or dishonor yourselves by doing so.

Sorry but what we have on the site is about it for now, though we will be adding new art and images as we release more Chapters. As the information age has become a better place, most of our images starting in 2014 will be a larger format and resolution!

Most of the Responsible Parties are freelance entertainment industry professionals who combined their talents and their free time to work on this project.

None of the Primary Responsible Parties work or have ever worked for Lucasfilm or its subsidiaries.

Eric Hilleary, Dave Max and Caleb Skinner constructed all the armor for and appeared as Troopers in “TROOPS

Pre-production began almost immediately after “TROOPS.” Principal photography began on a Mount Shasta glacier in April of 1999. Post Production began in 2000 and will continue until complete. Since this film is not funded by studios or investors, the funding and time is coming out of the core group pockets and availability. Due to work, life, and no budget this project takes time.

Honestly, at this point, we’re not entirely sure. A lot of people spent a lot of money, that’s all we know. It can be said that most of the money was spent on permits, insurance, food, location fees and materials – like any film!

Yes. This film is feature length and starting in the Spring of 2005, we will be releasing individual chapters that make up the entire project. The release dates for each chapter is undetermined due to time, budget and work constraints. A good hint to when we’re getting close to releasing a chapter is when production stills for the up-coming chapter are posted on the website.

Originally this project was to be the sequel to “Troops” but over the course of writing and production, it evolved into something entirely different. “Troops2” was the working title of the production until the script was completed, and the project assemblednnChapter 1 of IMPS, “The Rail-Runners – Davenport Gateway” acts as a bridge to take us from the ‘COPS’ format to the soldiers of the many branches of the Imperial military. Since the military does actually act as peace officers in many cases, we thought it would be appropriate. As we delve into further Chapters, and the men and women who work as Imperial soldiers, we seek to learn who these characters are, how they came to be here, and what their responsibilities are, etc. This is why we now call it I.M.P.S. – The Relentless.

The Primary Responsible Parties are: Eric Hilleary, Dave Max, Caleb Skinner, Nathan Pata, Pete Evans, Dave Marshall, Bill Hay and Andy Garfield. Please see the Credits and About Us pages for a complete list and more information.

Individually, everyone involved in the production of this Project has his or her own personal reasons for working on it. However, the one unifying theme that brought everyone together was the desire to make a truly heartfelt tribute to the original Star Wars universe. For those closest to the project, such as the Primary Responsible Parties, it can be said that this is also a response to all of those who said that a production of this scale and quality could never be done.

This project, on every level, has been done from scratch and we want to maintain that philosophy throughout.

No (it’s more personally valuable, enjoyable and fulfilling if you make it yourself.)

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All costumes and props were hand built mostly by the people you see wearing and using them. You can find many web sites online on how to build stormtrooper costumes and props by just doing a simple search. There is a plethora of sites dedicated to this.

As stated in the General FAQ, off-the-shelf software was used to create either the visual effects, music and sounds. Sorry, but at this time we are not handing out files.

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Chapter 1 Davenport Gateway

Sorry, but no. We just don’t have the resources or funds to produce hundreds of DVDs to hand out. The internet is great for distribution. If you can’t download it yourself, try to find a buddy who has access to broadband to download it for you.

Revenge Heavy Class

I.M.P.S. The Relentless is NOT canon to the Star Wars Universe. It’s unfortunate that you cannot accept the greatness of a female in a position of command, or within the Empire itself as a military force. Be forewarned, there are many more!

Sorry, but any fonts, lettering or artwork you see (besides the Aurabesh) were entirely made up and designed by us for this film, and are not for release.

The set location is a cement factory. The particular scene following the troopers into the lower levels is a defunct and unused area upon the factory site. Actually the majority of filming took place at the cement factory and was filmed approximately in four days. (including pick up shots) The hangar bay scenes took place at a CBS studios blue-screen room.

Yes, yes he is.

Chapter 1 is the introduction to I.M.P.S. The Relentless. This is a feature length film with more chapters to follow. The introduction is for the ENTIRE film.

Thank you very much. We can’t wait either!

The Wombat – Escort Frigate, and the LIAB class Destroyer – they are our own creation, and will be addressed in future Chapters.

What has been done so far, is on purpose. The answer will become more apparent as you watch further chapters.

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