IMPS Chapter 1 Davenport Gateway

Information on Chapter 1 music is available, you can CLICK HERE to download music tracks and read Andy’s music manifesto. Enjoy!

The CHAPTER 1 SCRIPT  is now available. There has been multiple requests for sub-titles but at this time we are just too busy to implement this.

Also, please see the FAQ as those have been updated and may answer a few common questions. We are continuing to work full speed on Chapter 2!

IMPS Chapter 1 Davenport Gateway

More productions stills, models and CG frame shots have been added to the chapter 1 sections.
We are still working on the final stages for Chapter 2 release and we’ll keep you posted here. So, check back soon. Thanks!

IMPS Chapter 1 Davenport Gateway

Today we have reached over one TeraByte transferred in the first 48 hours of chapter 1 launch!!

We are receiving your emails and although we cannot answer every one of them, we do appreciate your thoughts, questions and felicitations!

A FAQ for chapter 1 is in progress and we’ll post it when available.

Also, regarding the DivX format, we will be providing some help and how-to’s to help alleviate the technical issues some people are having.

Once again, thanks!

IMPS Chapter 1 Davenport Gateway

To all of you who have been so patient with us (and by US, I mean ME) – the wait is finally over.

Yesterday, May 17, 2005, 6 years of labor and toil finally began to bear fruit. “IMPS – The Relentless, Chapter One” was completed around 19:00 PST. The rest of the night, files were transferred from one hard drive to another, the final DivX file was created, and around 0500, the transfer to our ftp began. By the time this is posted, it will be complete. Imperial Upload Speeds are pretty slow for some reason.

Here at Blacksheep, we talk a lot about the “Bigger, Better – Whatever.” No doubt that it was at work here with this project, as every setback and obstacle happened for a reason, often not to be revealed until years later. It seems that there must be a reason that it took this long, pushing our release date to that of the final Star Wars installment. It was certainly not our intent.

As fate would have it, access to our newly acquired UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH high speed backbone server will not be available until sometime this evening, resulting in the official posting of Chapter One right around the same time that millions of fans across America are reading the the Opening Crawl for what some may think is the last time. But they would be wrong.

The spirit of Star Wars will live on in the hearts of it’s millions of fans the world over. The avidity and passion expressed in Fan Films will keep the flame of Star Wars burning bright forever. It is our “Canterbury Tales”, our “Iliad”. It is timeless. And while Star Wars may be the vision of one man, it is the dream of many.

We hope you enjoy “IMPS – The Relentless” as much as we enjoyed making it. Check back to the Chapter One page later tonight around 2300 PST. We’re hoping it will be up by then.

We’ll see you next month on Snow Patrol!

Blacksheep Productions

IMPS Chapter 1 Davenport Gateway

Hi everyone. Andy, the sound and music guy here reporting from the trenches. It’s become obvious that the May 5th deadline I set for myself was a bit over-ambitious. As I said before, we made some significant and substantial last minute changes to the picture and dialog. This ended up affecting my end of things a bit more than I had previously estimated. Rest assured though, I’m literally working 16 hours a day to finish the sound and music. I can finally see the light at the end of the hyperspace tunnel. As of this morning, sound effects editing is finally completed. All that stands between me and you is a quick Foley session, some dialog editing and mixing and a couple of music cues. I don’t want to give a precise date at this point, so all I can say is please continue your patience and keep checking back every couple of days. Again, I hope you all agree in the end that the short delay is worth it. For me, it just has to be perfect. Thank you all again for your continued support. Hang in there. We’re nearly there!