IMPS Chapter 3 Rhymes with Maintenance

Chapter 3 is now showing!! BOOYAKA!

Well everyone, Chapter 3 is now released to the public. We’ve opened it up for view on the website, Vimeo and on our Youtube channel. We want to give out a big THANK-YOU shout to all our current and new members on the website.

In Chapter 3, we continue with the Heavy Transport Assault Shuttle, Niner-818-Zulu, on emergency recall from the surface of Norca II. In this third part of the series, we return to the Relentless with the Cold Climate Trooper Division, and meet the crew of the Imperial drop-ship along with the pilots of the mechanized armored assault vehicles as well as the recon teams who scout their patrols. Read more

Chapter 3 Teaser Cover Image

It’s all getting really close now! We’ve opened up the bay doors to release Chapter 3 teaser. Following behind is a small release of some production photos and artwork. More of these will be populated in the coming days. As a reminder, all IMPS members will have early access to the full Chapter 3 “Rhymes with Maintenance” release before the public – so there’s still time to sign up!

Enjoy and we’ll be seeing you all very, very soon! Check out the teaser now!

Note: We have also released it on our Youtube channel as well!

IMPS The Relentless News

Hey all IMPS fans!

A quick update to let you know that the Blacksheep team has pushed hard in the last few days of this month and completed Chapter 3! We will be releasing some images here shortly in the next couple days! We want to thanks Justin and Eric for really pushing hard in those final 14-15 hour days to wrap up all the music, sound and finalization of the chapter. This last weekend, a few of us met up to review and render out the teaser and the final.

We have been updating the site to get it ready for the chapter images and release! In the next few days, Chapter 3 page will open up with some images and notes. All current and new members of the site will have early access before the public. So, if you’re not a member and want to jump on ship before it leaves port, head on over to the PX to enlist! We’re running a huge discount on Premium Membership Subscriptions right now, so grab it before it’s over!

Thank you, to all our fans and supporters over the years. We know it’s been a long wait and we’re very excited to launch Chapter 3. The wait is almost over!


Pushing Chapter 3 into the final edit stages and getting ready to hand over the cut for music and sound. VFX has been working through Chapters 4 and 5. In the meantime, here are some works in progress to check out.


A little behind the scenes snippet for Chapter 3:

This particular scene shown in the image below was at the 432 studio garage where about 30-40% of our set locations took place. The size of this “studio” is approximately 20×10 and we managed to cram a lot of set dressing, building, props, camera and lighting gear along with a number of people into this little space. This particular scene for Chapter 3 took approximately 8 days to complete.

The set build took about a week and was made up with everything we had scavenged over the years from our own and others private collection. We built this set with foam core, wood, boxes, pallets and threw in some pipes, bedroom closet doors, old keyboards, chairs, you name it – anything that looked “cool” or odd for the fitting environment. We even found a discarded photo-copying machine in a back alley one rainy day. We loaded it up and hauled it to the studio to break down for parts – which, by the way, was used in every way down to the last bolt and wire. The toner and oil was a massacre to clean out. We even scavenged a cat litter box – so keep an eye out and see if you can spot it in the upcoming chapters. ;) Everything then received a paint job and we were ready to go. We rounded up our crew, some cast and spent another 3 days filming the scene. After the shoot, we would clear out the garage and prep for the next set build. Good times.

IMPS Chapter 3 Set