IMPS The Relentless News

Hey IMPS fans, Chapter 3 editing has been under way for quite some time now, but we hit a fixable snag. Our cutting system has been AVID DV Express on the greatest technology 2002 had to offer with a Mac 15″ laptop. I’ve heard that DV Express was discontinued three years ago so you all can imagine how fun tech support would be. We are now updating all the Chapter 3 (and beyond) edits and footage to Final Cut Pro on a borrowed Mac laptop. Woo! The bad news is all the catch up, the good news is that we skip two generation losses by foregoing an on-line session. So hopefully the end result will be more technically pleasing.

As for voices, we’ve been doing a good amount of sifting as we try to bring the same level of quality performances for each character without using the same people too many times. We’re happy to find that all the major roles have been cast and dialog editing is underway.

Please enjoy a few of our photos from the pick up ‘green screen’ shoot we did in January. This was actually the 1st footage that we’ve shot in HD. We’ve come a long ways since the Hi-8 cam days!

Thanks for the continued support and interest. We’ll have this to you as soon as technology and life lets us.

Nathan, Dave & the rest of Blacksheep Squad