Hey all! We hope you’re enjoying Chapter 2!
Thanks to all for your emails and comments! It’s great to hear you cheering us onward!

We’ve posted some (actually, MANY) effect shots and (a few) model images, so go check them out and enjoy! We’re still gathering our materials together to post the script, the credits and some FAQ’s on Chapter 2.

Also, we are in the process of rendering a higher res version for download and possibly making available other file formats. Time permitting. (edit: we have posted an AVI file format for download!)

The Chapter 2 Downloads page is available and contains various download links and a torrent file. We are still streaming on Vimeo and it is limited to the 100 source downloads per 24 hours.

We as many of you are awaiting for Chapter 3 release. We have no release date for you at this time but hold steady (and hopefully not another five years) as we’re continuing to work hard on the remaining chapters.

-Blacksheep Crew