IMPS BikerWelcome back to IMPS the Relentless and our new site!

Almost all of the information from the old website has been ported over and in a much more organized fashion. There may be little bugs here and there but for the most part should be much easier to navigate. It’s at least up to date in terms of technology and makes it easier for us to make updates, add posts, images, etc. We hope you all like it much better.

As for film production all of us on the IMPS team have been working feverishly 12 to 15 hour days at our career jobs in our private lives. This leaves only weekends to coordinate our efforts on wrapping Chapter 3 as well as building the other chapters.

With that we are excited to announce that Dave & Nathan anticipate a picture lock in approximately two weeks while Justin and Pete wrap up a couple of visual effects shots to replace green screen temps. Then it’s off to Andy for incredible sound and music.

Since the rebuild of the site, this allows us to prepare for the upcoming release of Chapter 3; compiling art, behind the scenes, production photos, etc.

The Relentless during this time has finally finished all it’s upgrades and maintenance and is about ready to leave station dock. Stay tuned and you’ll soon receive orders for the next tour.

We appreciate your continued enthusiasm and encouragement while we work to reach the next installment of IMPS.