Bill HayI was raised in the Bay Area of Northern California and grew up with an artistic mother. Creativity seemed to come naturally. In 1993 I went to Hollywood for a career in the entertainment industry. I was to be part of a team to build a futuristic (and very large) miniature city for one of Angelina Jolie’s first films: Cyborg II.

In the years since, I have been in, and worked on television commercials, major motion pictures, theme park attractions, a few television series, video games and much more. Some titles include: Cyborg II, Life Pod, Titanic, The Fifth Element, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Battlefield Earth, Jesus The Mini-Series, Windtalkers, The Great Getaway, Rockstar the Movie, The Alamo, Fantasy Island, Quarantined, Bats, SoapOpera – “Sunset Beach”, and many, many more including this project.

When I met Dave, Eric, & Caleb, in early February 1999 I was informed of the impending production – I dug right in, designing and building necessary props, costumes, vehicles, etc., By the time April came around of that year, the near decision to “pull the plug” on the project was overturned when they saw how much had already been built by myself and others.(Plus, I already had my own Imperial Armor.) This was serious and I wanted to help get the project to fly.

One day I was honored with my own Blacksheep Dog Tags, and so now these were my brothers and there was no turning back.

In this production, I have played quite a few roles: snowtroopers, tech crew, many stormtroopers, and even built and puppeteered a droid. I’ve built sets, created effects like lighting, pyro effects, mechanical and practical effects and have designed and built a full sized heavy cruiser speeder bike.

We have worked long and hard, braving the bitter cold, 120 degree desert heat, long nights without sleep, technical & personal scheduling difficulties and not to mention coordinating the efforts of many other people on this project. Allowing us to represent a view of the “Best Damn Job in the Galaxy.” I am very proud to be one of the “responsible parties” in this core group of brothers called Blacksheep.