Dave MarshallAlthough the IMPS project has been six years in the making, the founding of such a wild idea can be traced back to the late 1980’s. While frequenting diners and coffee shops hours upon end “the band” (Eric Hilleary, Dave Max, Caleb Skinner and Dave Marshall) would draw, write, and share tales and jokes all the while drinking gallons of coffee. Woven among these sessions was the seed of an idea, that of “IMPS.” The idea of one day creating and working on such a large project seemed just a fabrication of impossibility.

Following the coffee session days, the boys disbanded for a few years. In 1992, Dave moved to southern California to experience and enjoy the fast life of traffic, cement, and helicopter search lights. By 1994, “the Band” had all gathered to a forever-locked-in lease of an apartment. The Northridge quake launched the group out of the apartment and into a house. Here they began a new era of coffee and adventures. The “halfway house” was soon to become Studio 432.

Before the entire Troops phenomenon bloomed, Dave worked with the others on the studio lot (back porch) and Studio 432a (the rickety garage) to create their own Stormtrooper uniforms. For many hot days they worked on molding, cutting, sanding, sanding and more sanding. The nine months of construction the storm trooper uniforms that were replicated became the “Blacksheep Squad.”

Dave developed an armoire of skills and experiences while living in southern California. He survived the gruels of ditch-digging, tortures from a sour and bitter print shop owner; learned how to dodge aluminum extension ladders, mattresses and other obstacles on the freeways; avoided tearing his hair out from auditing entertainment insurance claims and turned down a job for an adult toy-manufacturing firm, he managed to finally free himself from the corporate tie-stricken noose.

Dave, before narrowly losing his focus, managed to scope back into the arts – from storyboarding, illustration, fine-art, sculpting, graphic and concept design by returning to school in the fall of 1997.

Dave left the distracting thrills of southern California and moved to Oregon to finish up his college degree. Within the next three years, Dave soon found himself on a multitude of road trips that took him across the entire length of California in order to do his part in the six long years of “I.M.P.S” production. During this time, Dave completed college and successfully start his own graphic design/surveying & drafting business. In the interim, he has worked on independent films, providing storyboards, art production and graphic design.

This project has given Dave the opportunity to share his creative talents and creativity. It has also given him the opportunity to experience the process of a feature film. It has been demanding and fun and all without the suit and tie.

When not working full time as a production artist for a sticker company and part time for his own business, Dave directs his creative energy towards Art direction, the IMPS site design and his own artwork. Despite the hectic schedules, Dave returns to visit at the local coffee shop… with pen and sketchbook in hand, (he hopes ideas will flow as freely as the complementary refills they supply him with) scrawling away to release the more creative ideas that fulfill his noggin.

“It has been an exciting journey, albeit frustrating at times, it will be wonderful and sad at the same time as the project nears completion. In the end, however, I do know that tomorrow holds another dream at the coffee shop.” -Dave