Nathan PataNathan Pata a.k.a. Doc Scirocco. He is a man of few words save for when he drinks. He told us everything. After earning the coveted certificate in “Broadcasting of the Television Arts” from the prestigious school – Diablo Valley Junior College, Nathan (a.k.a. Pata) relocated to Orange county to learn that the film industry was in Los Angeles county. A few years later and a little wiser, he moved into a halfway house/nicotine den central to Hell’s Kitchen in Glendale, Ca. and began collecting film gear to continue the epic filming of this movie. He says, “This project (I.M.P.S.) has been the culmination of experiences, technologies, and bitterness. Are you gonna finish that sandwich?”*

Mr. Pata a.k.a. Trent Burton is currently working on a way to end his bio sheet so that it sounds cool and looks like it has the same length as everyone else’s.

*excerpted from a Daily Variety article revoked by their current editor.