Chapter 2It’s here! We’re happy and proud to finally release I.M.P.S. The Relentless : Chapter 2 – The Norca System It’s also available to stream and download on our IMPS channel through Vimeo

IMPS 3rd quarter update: Chapter 2 is picture locked. The foley has been delayed on the chapter as we are combining the sound FX process with Chapter 3. (We’ve obtained a great foley connection, so we’re killing two Mynocks with one swipe of a Wookies paw.)

In the meantime, we are working diligently on Chapter 3 so both chapters can go to foley at the same time. The remaining work we have on Chapter 3 is replacing the temporary visual FX with the final rendered shots and re-do of some of the character voice overs. Unfortunately, we still do not have any release dates.
-Blacksheep Team.

News for the month(s): Slow. Music and foley for Chapter 2 is still in process and we are working on the post-production items for the remaining chapters. For now, it’s just slow but steady…

Just added some production photos for Chapter 2. Getting closer to a release date!