Posted some Concept art and Storyboards on the Chapter 2 Art Page. Check ’em out. We’ll be following up with some production stills and some frame shots in the next few days!

Okay, it’s almost the weekend. We’ve got the Chapter 2 page up: Norca System. We’ll be posting some teaser images, artwork, etc.. by the end of this weekend. For you troopers who are into instant feed -we’ve got an RSS feed for the news items. Just click the little icon next to the news article date and you’re set to go.

IMPS The Relentless News

Hey Everyone! The rough cut is being handed over to music and sound within the next few days. We don’t have a scheduled completion time on this as of yet. Everything is still up and running however. We will also be launching the Chapter 2 page here by the end of the coming weekend. We will have some productions stills and other images up at this time for you to browse through.

IMPS The Relentless News

Due to the overwhelming responses and requests, here is a status update regarding our progress on Chapter 2 of I.M.P.S. The Relentless.

We are all still alive and haven’t been slashed from the face of the Earth. The last month and a half we’ve been wrapping up prior obligations separate from the IMPS project. Although the project was on hold briefly, Chapter 2 is now running smoothly. Now that other obligations (i.e. Comicon ) are fulfilled we are back on board full time (full time meaning: in-between our day jobs!)

We plan to wrap up and release Chapter 2 in 6-8 weeks. At this time, this is the closest estimate we can give you. Please keep in mind this project is a feature length film, hence one of the reasons it takes time to complete and release each chapter.

We thank you for your patience. We are working hard to bring you an enjoyable film of exceptional visual quality. It may appear quiet and that nothing much is happening- but rest assured an imperial storm is coming!