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IMPS Official FacebookWe recently created a new IMPS The Relentless Facebook page for people to “like.” This will be our official Facebook page where we can post news link updates, productions notes, images, answer questions directly related to the project and other items. This should make it much easier for our fans and followers to receive Facebook notices in a streamlined manner.

Please know that we still promote the IMPS group page and encourage people to join it as well! If you’re only interested in just IMPS updates, etc, please visit and “Like” our page!

Our main news postings will still be here at but we’ll make notices on Facebook.

Thanks to everyone in the group for keeping it alive and welcome to any new followers!

IMPS Model Build

“You are given the options of Fast, Good and Cheap, and told to pick any two.”

At the very beginning of this project we never truly knew it would be such an extensive, long term commitment. We do, however, intrinsically believe we can accomplish such a massive project but not as fast as everyone would like. We chose the option of Good and Cheap and we’re doing the best possible with the resources and time we can scavenge or borrow. Hence, this project does take its sweet time.

We do want to thank everyone who is patiently waiting and are still at our sides anticipating the next chapter. We’re all still aboard the Relentless cruising along.

As of right now all the final FX shots are in the editors hands and are placing them into the final cut for Chapter 3. They can now put together the last 20% or so of the shots. The rest of the team has moved on to chapters four and five.

As for a new update pic, we’ll let you take a guess at what these are. The top two images are related and the bottom two are related in terms of model parts. Both models do have something to do with one another.


Hey everyone! Production on IMPS is still moving along and we’re proud to have just recently brought on board some help. We have added two modelers and two graphic designers to contribute their talent to IMPS. We just recently had an armor fest and have added a few pictures below to show the workings. Was a lot of fun and still have some (actually a lot of) work to do. We are still unable to set a release date for chapter 3.


We know it’s been a long dry spell between news items here on the site, but a quick note to let you all know that we’re still working on the I.M.P.S. project. We do, however, post quick updates on our Facebook page from time to time so do check in there, or join the group if you haven’t already. In the meantime, here are a few images for the upcoming chapter 3 and we have one that is from chapter 4. Of course, much more will be released as soon as we near release for chapter 3.


Hey All,
Just posted some new props for you to check out. Seven new armor images and one weapon. Here are a three in-progress images. Chapter 3 is still in the works but unfortunately we won’t be able to get it out by Thanksgiving of this year. At this time we are still unable to pin down a release date.