This post is an archive for the Indiegogo campaign that was started at the end of December 2012.  This endeavor rested on Pete’s shoulders to start, produce the awards and finish the campaign even though it was not on the IMPS website 100%.  We would like to thank every one who contributed to this campaign and it all went to complete and push Chapter 3 virtual effects out the door. There were over 130 effects at task and the fan funding allowed Pete and his crew to complete them. We Blacksheep Crew want to thank Pete for taking on that huge task and congratulate him on making it happen. We hope that everyone that donated enjoyed their rewards. Thanks again for helping to complete Chapter 3 VFX!

ARCHIVE of VFX Campaign.*
*Note: Most of the links no longer work and this is for archival purposes only.

IMPS Indiegogo Campaign for VFX December 31, 2012
We’re wrapping up the edit for Chapter 3 and there are a few composite shots that are taking some time to put together. Albeit a time killer, Chapter 3 is moving along well and looking good. Recently, Blacksheep gained 3 new modelers and 3 graphic artists along with a new VFX guy! Greatly needed, we welcome them aboard to help push things along.

The editing team is waiting on those last few composite shots before we can finalize a cut and send it off for V.O., music, sound and a final mix. Also, Chapter 3 is related to Chapters 4-7 so part of the time consumption is getting those parts done to push off Chapter 3. Again, we are still unable to give out a finalization date but we’re getting it put together piece by piece.

We’ve also been working on the remaining chapters and have finished about 70% of Chapter 4 armors and builds.

Here are a few images for some practicals for upcoming chapters along with some face-plate/helmet builds.

Thanks to everyone for your support.

IMPS Indigogo Referral Challenge January 11, 2013


You could win a cool, one of a kind prize, just for sharing our Indiegogo campaign with everyone you know! Check it out!

Read about it here: IMPS-Indiegogo Referral Challenge
The prize is a framed, full-size Digital print of a digital matte painting created for and used in IMPS: The Relentless, signed by the artist, and the IMPS Production Team. It will be made specially for this contest, and will be the only one made.
Good Luck!

IMPS Indiegogo Campaign for VFX January 26, 2013
Indiegogo Update:
The current state of the Campaign:
We are down to 9 days remaining in our campaign, and I gotta say, it’s been a bit slow – actually no contributions over the last 3 days. We are going to implement some recently acquired tools and tactics to get the word out to a wider audience, which will certainly help, I’m sure. In the meantime,v anything our friends and referrers can think of to get the word out to their internet circles, or any forums you may be a part of would be of immense help. On the upside, we did see another CAPTAIN level contributor, Bob Teske, join the crew this week. You can view his “Shout-out” at the IMPS facebook page and below. Also, we are going to be updating IMPS Facebook Page at least once a day for the remainder of the campaign, so check back daily to see what’s up.
Stay tuned…


Welcomes it’s SECOND “FLEET-VFX CAPTAIN”, “Captain” BOB TESKE!

Bob, your incredible contribution to the Cause leaves us humbled and deeply moved, and it instills in us the desire to do more, be better and go the extra parsec for those we serve! You now hold a place were only a few will get to stand. Our gratitude for your generosity knows no bounds! Your service, dedication and friendship to this crew and its Cause will be forever honored. May the wind always be at your back, and your travels always lead you to friendly ports.
Once more, our heart-felt thanks, from all of us here in the IMPS Production Team.
Pete Evans HK7335 IMPS-VFX

IMPS Indiegogo Campaign for VFX January 31, 2013
Do space fighters dream of digital pilots? Check out Pete’s IMPS VFX blog to get more updates regarding the indiegogo campaign and more. You can visit by going to

IMPS Indiegogo Campaign for VFX February 03, 2013
When’s It Gonna Be Done?
So, we’re in the final hours of the IMPS Chapter 4 Indiegogo campaign. Many have graciously contributed, some spectacularly so. Unfortunately, without reaching the goal the Indiegogo fees more than double. We still have to purchase and mail the perks, and Paypal gets their cut too. What is left will not go far. Some of you, and I know you’re out there, may be thinking, “I’d really love to help, but… (insert potentially valid excuse here)…”.
I thought it might be time for a little simple math, to demonstrate how truly painless it is, really, to contribute to your favorite SW fan series. So, here goes: [read more at Meantime Productions VFX Blog…]

IMPS Indiegogo Campaign for VFX February 06, 2013
IMPS VFX Post Campaign Update
The IndieGoGo Campaign is now over. On the last day there was a deluge of contributors, it was incredible and the IMPS-VFX crew is forever grateful for each and every one who participated in this effort! [read more regarding Post Campaign Update…]