It’s all getting really close now! We’ve opened up the bay doors to release Chapter 3 teaser. Following behind is a small release of some production photos and artwork. More of these will be populated in the coming days. As a reminder, all IMPS members will have early access to the full Chapter 3 “Rhymes with Maintenance” release before the public – so there’s still time to sign up!

Enjoy and we’ll be seeing you all very, very soon! Check out the teaser now!

Note: We have also released it on our Youtube channel as well!

Hey all IMPS fans!

A quick update to let you know that the Blacksheep team has pushed hard in the last few days of this month and completed Chapter 3! We will be releasing some images here shortly in the next couple days! We want to thanks Justin and Eric for really pushing hard in those final 14-15 hour days to wrap up all the music, sound and finalization of the chapter. This last weekend, a few of us met up to review and render out the teaser and the final.

We have been updating the site to get it ready for the chapter images and release! In the next few days, Chapter 3 page will open up with some images and notes. All current and new members of the site will have early access before the public. So, if you’re not a member and want to jump on ship before it leaves port, head on over to the PX to enlist! We’re running a huge discount on Premium Membership Subscriptions right now, so grab it before it’s over!

Thank you, to all our fans and supporters over the years. We know it’s been a long wait and we’re very excited to launch Chapter 3. The wait is almost over!

Hey All,
Just posted some new props for you to check out. Seven new armor images and one weapon. Here are a three in-progress images. Chapter 3 is still in the works but unfortunately we won’t be able to get it out by Thanksgiving of this year. At this time we are still unable to pin down a release date.

Hello everyone. Yes, it’s been forever since we’ve posted any news here but I’ll try to give a heads up on the IMPS project status. We have received a number of emails and most of them are asking similar questions, so here’s the list that I’ll try to answer:

By the way, there’s an IMPS group on Facebook you can join. I just found out about it today!

IMPS Facebook Group

Now for the question/answers:

1. Has the Project been cancelled?! Have you guys died?

No and not yet. Since most of this year has been tough on the majority of us because of the ecomony and so forth, a lot of our time is spent trying to work and pay the bills, or we’re trying to find jobs and that in itself is a fulltime process. In-between moments we’re trying our best to work on the project. Also, we are partially on hold because we were/are in need of animators and modelers. One guy can’t do it alone. Well, he can, but it takes a long time! ;)

2. Is IMPS chapter 2 still being worked on?

Yes it is. Status of the Chapter is that it is picture locked and sound, foley and music are being added.

3. Do you have subtitles available in (your language here.)

Unfortunately, no. We do have the script available, so if you can take it from there, you’re free to do so. We just do not have the time to implement subtitles at this time. If any of you have translations available (of the script) let me know and perhaps we can post it on the site for download.

4. When will Chapter 2 be released?

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you right now. I will immediately let you all know when I know.

Thanks everyone for still hoping for this project and chapters to be completed. We wish we could get them out to you sooner!

Cheers and enjoy the upcoming holidays. :)

Art Director
Blacksheep Productions.

still workinIMPS The Relentless is wrapping up post production for Chapter 2. Voice-over recording has just been completed and final renders are in the works. We will be tying in the effects, editing the dialogue, and after this is finished, the chapter is slated for music and then a final mix down. There is no tentative date for actual release at this time but we’ll let everyone know when the time gets closer. We will release Chapter 2 artwork, production stills, etc. with other tidbits a couple weeks before release!

In the meantime, there are some updates to the site. You can check out additions to the General FAQ. Also added is some Technical Q&A (for those having issues with downloading and viewing the chapter) along with the release of Chapter 1 FAQ.

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. We will add more as they come in.