We’re trying to wrap up the rough-edit for Chapter 3 and there are a few composite shots that are taking some time to put together. Albeit a time killer, Chapter 3 is moving along well and looking good. Recently, Blacksheep Productions gained 3 new modelers and 3 graphic artists along with a new VFX guy! Greatly needed, we welcome them aboard to help push things along.

The editing team is waiting on those last few composite shots before we can finalize a cut and send it off for V.O., music, sound and a final mix. Also, Chapter 3 is related to Chapters 4-7 so part of the time consumption is getting those parts done to push off Chapter 3. Again, we are still unable to give out a finalization date but we’re getting it put together piece by piece.

We’ve also been working on the remaining chapters and have finished about 70% of Chapter 4 armors and builds.

Here are a few images for some practicals for upcoming chapters along with some face-plate/helmet builds.
Thanks to everyone for your support.

IMPS Model Build

“You are given the options of Fast, Good and Cheap, and told to pick any two.”

At the very beginning of this project we never truly knew it would be such an extensive, long term commitment. We do, however, intrinsically believe we can accomplish such a massive project but not as fast as everyone would like. We chose the option of Good and Cheap and we’re doing the best possible with the resources and time we can scavenge or borrow. Hence, this project does take its sweet time.

We do want to thank everyone who is patiently waiting and are still at our sides anticipating the next chapter. We’re all still aboard the Relentless cruising along.

As of right now all the final FX shots are in the editors hands and are placing them into the final cut for Chapter 3. They can now put together the last 20% or so of the shots. The rest of the team has moved on to chapters four and five.

As for a new update pic, we’ll let you take a guess at what these are. The top two images are related and the bottom two are related in terms of model parts. Both models do have something to do with one another.