It’s all getting really close now! We’ve opened up the bay doors to release Chapter 3 teaser. Following behind is a small release of some production photos and artwork. More of these will be populated in the coming days. As a reminder, all IMPS members will have early access to the full Chapter 3 “Rhymes with Maintenance” release before the public – so there’s still time to sign up!

Enjoy and we’ll be seeing you all very, very soon! Check out the teaser now!

Note: We have also released it on our Youtube channel as well!

Hey all IMPS fans!

A quick update to let you know that the Blacksheep team has pushed hard in the last few days of this month and completed Chapter 3! We will be releasing some images here shortly in the next couple days! We want to thanks Justin and Eric for really pushing hard in those final 14-15 hour days to wrap up all the music, sound and finalization of the chapter. This last weekend, a few of us met up to review and render out the teaser and the final.

We have been updating the site to get it ready for the chapter images and release! In the next few days, Chapter 3 page will open up with some images and notes. All current and new members of the site will have early access before the public. So, if you’re not a member and want to jump on ship before it leaves port, head on over to the PX to enlist! We’re running a huge discount on Premium Membership Subscriptions right now, so grab it before it’s over!

Thank you, to all our fans and supporters over the years. We know it’s been a long wait and we’re very excited to launch Chapter 3. The wait is almost over!

Hey All,
Just posted some new props for you to check out. Seven new armor images and one weapon. Here are a three in-progress images. Chapter 3 is still in the works but unfortunately we won’t be able to get it out by Thanksgiving of this year. At this time we are still unable to pin down a release date.

We hope everyone had a good holiday season and a happy new year. Now that the festivities have slowed down a bit we are back on board for continuing production of the next Chapters.

As we stated a while back, Chapter 2 has been picture locked and is awaiting sound / music. We had to arrange a deal to get Chapter 2 and 3 sound worked on at the same time so we are in the stages of adding finalized FX shots to fill in the blanks of Chapter 3 at this time.

In the past, many of you have asked if there are ways to help out with the project. Well, here’s your chance:

I.M.P.S. is enlisting now for a CG post on planet Earth.
(The little blue rock on the ass end of the galaxy)

If you, or anyone you know, is skilled in the following: Combustion, Shake, After Effects, Digital Fusion, and/or Lightwave and Lightwaves IK Booster, this may be just for you.
We need high-end compositors, animators, character animators, modelers and/or texture artists who would like to volunteer time to I.M.P.S.

It will be necessary for you to have high-speed Internet access.

If you’re interested, please send us an email. Place “IMPS Enlistment” in the subject line.
Please do not attach files to the email, instead, send us a link to any work, and/or demos you have. Still compositions, short animations, etc., would be great – anything that represents your work and current skill level. You can attach a CVS to the email – preferably a pdf. (A CVS is not required, however, as we are more interested in seeing your work.)

To anyone else that would like to help, we are in need of multiple hosting/streaming locations for people to watch or download the I.M.P.S. chapters. Any recommendations you have, please let us know. We are looking into Stage6, Vuze, Bit torrent, and other media hosting servers. We would prefer not to split a chapter into segments, find locations that have little to no cost and is easily accessible to the world! Send us some links and we’ll check them out to see if they’ll work for us.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Blacksheep Productions