A little behind the scenes snippet for Chapter 3:

This particular scene shown in the image below was at the 432 studio garage where about 30-40% of our set locations took place. The size of this “studio” is approximately 20×10 and we managed to cram a lot of set dressing, building, props, camera and lighting gear along with a number of people into this little space. This particular scene for Chapter 3 took approximately 8 days to complete.

The set build took about a week and was made up with everything we had scavenged over the years from our own and others private collection. We built this set with foam core, wood, boxes, pallets and threw in some pipes, bedroom closet doors, old keyboards, chairs, you name it – anything that looked “cool” or odd for the fitting environment. We even found a discarded photo-copying machine in a back alley one rainy day. We loaded it up and hauled it to the studio to break down for parts – which, by the way, was used in every way down to the last bolt and wire. The toner and oil was a massacre to clean out. We even scavenged a cat litter box – so keep an eye out and see if you can spot it in the upcoming chapters. ;) Everything then received a paint job and we were ready to go. We rounded up our crew, some cast and spent another 3 days filming the scene. After the shoot, we would clear out the garage and prep for the next set build. Good times.

IMPS Chapter 3 Set

Time Top 10 Star Wars Fan Films Hey Everyone!! First, a big thanks too ALL our fans out there that gave a shout for us in the final 48 hours for the “Time Top 10 Star Wars Fan Films.” We managed to place 3rd! If you haven’t already, go check out the great follow up video on The Top 10 Star Wars Fan Films showcasing all the fan films that made the top 10.

Chapter 3 Production Update & Props:
During this month we had to grab some pick up shots for Chapter 3.
Here are a few snapshots of the crew working the green screen. We brought in a couple new troopers to help us out and welcomed them aboard the Blacksheep Team.

We’ve also added some new armor props to the prop page so go check those out by following the link at the top of the page. Currently, in build is a prop for an upcoming chapter. We won’t give any details about it here right now but here are a couple images to see what Eric has been working on:

As for Chapter 3 progress, we’re still working tough, so hang in there!
-Blacksheep Productions

Hey IMPS fans,

So this past week, Dave and I (Nathan) went out to visit Eric in his beautiful chateau in the forest filled mountains to work on more prop and costume parts. The crisp mountain air and higher altitude made for some excellent AB mixing of Polyurethane. While we waited for molds to kick, Eric gave us his ‘dog and pony’ show of the look of new and unexplored Relentless hanger bays for Chapter 4. All I’m going let on is that I feel bad you’re going have to wait to see them, because they are a new level of WOW! The good news is that, very soon, Pete should be handing me a lot of the final FX shots for Chapter 3 and I believe some of the afore mentioned Chapter 4 plates make an appearance at the very end of 3. That means I get to hit high gear with the editing and deliver picture lock to Andy so he can give it the sweet, sweet sounds and score that we all love to hear.

Visiting with Eric was additionally awesome as he monitors way more of the message boards and blogs than we can. He shared a lot of the positive feed back about Chapter 2, which is always inspiring. Thank you all for your patience and enjoying what we’ve striven so hard to get to you.

If you haven’t already – check out and join the I.M.P.S. The Relentless Fan Facebook page started by Chris Walker. He started it without us even knowing and the next thing we all know it’s a great place to visit. Kudos Chris!

Enjoy some pix of our hard work in the mountains.

Thank you all, you rock!
Nathan and the Blacksheep Squad